Important things to consider when purchasing a trekking pole

Having the right kind of trekking pole is immensely helpful for any trekker. So, choosing the correct product should be one of the prime concerns of a well-prepared trekker. With that said, purchasing the correct trekking pole can be a pretty difficult challenge especially for a novice. You can go through the following steps and learn how to put the most ideal product that does the job.  


  1. Choose trekking poles that come with adjustable length 

Some individuals tend to rely on trekking poles that are not adjustable. However, you can make the most out of a trekking pole only if it is adjustable. In fact, there are two main advantages associated with adjustable trekking poles. Firstly, they can be adjusted to match the terrain you are trekking and secondly, they can be folded into a very small size and store easily.  


  1. They must come with an excellent grip  

The top grip of the trekking pole must be of good quality material. Otherwise, it can be problematic to handle your trekking pole when they get wet with moisture, sweat, or water. Basically, you should focus on a material that doesn’t get slippery even under wet conditions. Also, it is better if it has an adjustable loop. Such addition will be handy when you need to hang the pole from your wrists while handling other stuff if needed. 


When it comes to the pointy end, the tip should be chiseled instead of a spike. Such formation will offer extra grip on petty much all the surfaces. However, when it comes to surfaces such as ice, you will have to choose a product that comes with a specialized tip 


  1. Find a pole that comes with shock-absorbent characteristics 

Shock absorption is a very important aspect to consider when it comes to choosing a trekking pole. If your trekking poles can soak up plenty of extra wear and tear, that means you have a lot more energy until you reach the end of your trek. Also, it does significantly less damage to your body and eventually, allows you to enjoy your trek more. 


Technically, shock absorption functionality begins in the grip and that’s where the rubber should do rather a little. The trekking poles themselves should comprise anti-shock systems of varying complexity as well as the price. 


However, you should also know that antishock systems also mean that you should use extra energy when climbing. That is specifically because you'll need a little bit more effort to push your way up. So, you should see if you can find poles that come with the ability to turn on or off their anti-shock systems.  


On top of all those aspects, you should know that trekking poles let you burn more calories when you do the normal walking. Therefore, it is always better to have a trekking pole even if you are not a trekker. You can choose a good trekking pole by visiting an online store like